Kelly has a Bachelor of Health Science in Natural Medicine and a Advanced Diploma in Nutrition.  Kelly studied for 5 years at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne Australia and completed her double Degree in 2007.

Kelly then went on to further study in Fertility.  This is a topic Kelly is particularly passionate about.  After Studying along side Kerry Hampton a well known Natural Fertility Specialist, Kelly completed a course in Natural Fertility Education in 2007. Kelly loves working with women and all reproductive health. From Endomeitriosis to PCOS, Balancing hormones to helping people come off the pill naturally. Working with Supplements, dietary and life style changes and also with Herbs to help to achieve the final health goal.

 Later in Kelly’s career - She set her sights on working overseas and began full-time employment as a Senior Naturopath at the Famous 6 star Health Resort called Chiva Som in Thailand.  Kelly worked with some of the most educated and experienced Multi-Modality Practitioners all over the world.  Chiva Som is an International Institution that opened in Hua Hin in 1995.  This is where Kelly began to specialise in weight-loss and Detox and helping to aid her patients on both journeys.

After working in Thailand for 6 months, Kelly head to London to begin work at the Hale Clinic in London. Setting up her own business and building a thriving clinic seeing patients from all across the UK. Kelly loved working in London and helping many patients boost their immunity and help to deal with many other cold weather related conditions.

Kelly then went onto have 3 children and was able to apply her knowledge and experience to her own family.

After 13 wonderful years living in the UK. Kelly has moved back to Melbourne and has began working at a lovely multi modality Clinic on High Street, Armadale.

Kelly works as a Clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist, using evidence-based knowledge to treat the cause, not just the symptoms of presenting complaints.

Her specialty Women and Children (and everything that come with both) Weightloss, Detox, skin related complaints, and Working to treat the mind and improve sleep and anxiety.  Kelly can assist you with many digestion related complaints from Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis (IBD), Diarrhoea, Parasites, Candidiasis, Food intolerances/allergies and more.


Thanks Kelly for all of your help so far! I am so looking forward to feeling my self soon!

/  Kat Harvey /